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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey you! The guy who's bitching at his wife for having gotten fat!

Read this article. Note the last line. Now, do something about it, you lazy, selfish, insensitive...timehog.

How much for the leetle girl?

Move to Poland, get pregnant, cash in. Simple as that.

And before we conclude the evening's celebration...

Ladies and gentlemen, the "most sensitive male" award of 2005. It's a tie between two...ahem...winners.

Well done, ChennaiOnline News!

Just squeaking in before the deadline to win the trophy for most sensitive headline of 2005...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Home sweet hell

There's a new magazine for the legion of women who have recently started choosing to stay home and raise their kids rather than stay in the workplace. It appears from the article that the magazine's content reveals that housewifery isn't any more evolved than it was in the 1950s, despite all the feminism to date.

I know many women will appreciate this publication, so excuse the snide comment, but...I find it pretty disturbing that the founding editor bases her discussion of gender history on "The Mists of Avalon." Um, hel-LO...FICTION.

In other news...

It's still illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

It's healthier to be a bitch than a dick

Go on, girls, be an angry bitch to that guy you can't stand. Then, when he bitches back, he'll drop dead of a heart attack. Divine justice, or just coincidence? Hm.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The new IT girl

"Guys walk around tech stores like they're in a porno shop looking for the fastest, newest, coolest, first-on-the-block thing, while women would rather shop in a calmer, information-based environment for products that will simplify their lives." Bollocks. I want my tech porn just like everyone else, dammit. But I do like the idea of having more women out on the sales floor in electronics and technology stores. Read about how retailers are trying to sell tech to the ladies. If the Post link doesn't work, you can also see the article here.


No way I can think up a witty title for this one. Two women in Durban found hacked to death during a 16-day anti-violence campaign. I continue to be stunned that anyone could be capable of doing this kind of thing. How does one stand there throughout it and not have any feelings of remorse or humanity? Terribly depressing.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Me Tarzan. Me shop good.

Apparently, some study has shown that women like shopping better, but men are better at doing it. Guess I'd better get ready for the sex change, because I hate shopping with a passion. Anyway, here's some tips for how to zone in on the male "hunter-gatherer" vibe and shop like a man.

And here are even more statistical details from this gender-and-shopping-habits study that to me seems like a supreme waste of money. See, I told you I hate to shop.

Bringing new meaning to "keep in touch"

"Teledildonics." I swear I'm not kidding.

Do men not make passes at girls who have 401-Ks?

Check out Maureen Dowd's article "What's a Modern Girl to Do?" which seems to be saying women who are smart, employed, or otherwise powerful are repellent to men, who honestly would prefer she be a maid with Maxim proportions who can't speak their language and so therefore never talks to them at all.

And then read "Why Dowd Doesn't Know What Men Really Want," a rebuttal also written by women.

All this talk by women about what men really want. Why doesn't someone ask men what they really want.

Okay, men, what do you really want? (Women, go ahead and comment too, of course. Which article, if either do you think is more on target? What do you think is the target? Should either gender be thinking about what the other one wants?)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

She blinded me with science

Okay, I know it's a really lame title. But I'm way too tired tonight to come up with something better. Consider yourselves lucky you get anything at all.

So, to counterbalance the extensive list of women writers throughout history that I put up the other day, I now present to you 4,000 years of female scientific achievement to peruse, courtesy of University of Alabama. Discover out how the smokin' screen siren to the left used her equally smokin' brain power to co-invent the technology that would become the modern-day cell phone. And for even more on the subject, see this.

In other news, I've gotten my first hit from South America. Gracias, Chile (despite the short stay)! Which means only Africa and Antarctica left before I can call this blog a "global phenomenon."

Your sister's American Girl doll is a feminist lesbian

Anti-abortion (and presumably anti-gay) group Pro-Life Action League is certain that late at night, when the rest of the household is asleep, the dolls are coming to life and turning young girls on to Ani DiFranco.

And a note to the journalist who wrote the article: shades of meaning matter. There's a difference between the word "encouraging" and the words "accepting" or "supporting." Use your dictionary.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is even your imaginary sex life mainstream?

According to iVillage, these are the top three female sex fantasies. And they've even included instructions for the imaginatively challenged on how to act them out. (Let me help: Click, print, hold in front of partner's face.)

Sorry guys, I know you were rootin' for it, but threesomes didn't make the list.

Do we think the list is accurate? You tell me.

IOC rejects women's boxing

Later: IOC members receive mysterious pummeling in alley behind IOC office building.



Anti-HIV gel for women?

"Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb said they are teaming with the International Partnership for Microbicides, a non-profit researcher, to develop a vaginal gel that could prevent HIV, the virus that causes AIDS."

Okay, this is good news overall. Anything preventative is a plus. But I gotta say--why is it always the women who have to ingest, insert, inject the chemicals? Do they think men can't be bothered to protect themselves or their partners from STDs?


Show us yer lits

You know, I've kind of been craving a good read by an 18th-century Sierra Leonian female writer. How about you?

The next time someone tries to pull that crap "why is there no significant history of women in literature" argument on you--or even better, if you're simply looking for something (or someone) new to read, but aren't quite sure what to pick up next--check out U Penn's constantly updating list of women writers. Enough to keep your eyes moving back and forth across the page for a lifetime. Search by author, category, century, country...you name it. If you can't find something interesting on this list, then mama, you're not trying.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Babes with Bank

In the future, will The Man be a woman? The Wall Street Journal's put out their list of the "Top 50 Women to Watch"--the most major money-makin' molls on the block.

Figure out which one you might be able to convince to adopt you by clicking on the profiles here. I've got dibs on Dolly Parton.

You can also see some other related features here.

Can you spot the irony?

I know it's not immediately obvious, but look hard.

WE: Women's Entertainment is the only cable network dedicated to helping women connect to one another and the world around them. With quality original programming including the hit series "Bridezillas"...

(full text here)

"Gender Jihad"

An international conference of Islamic feminists meeting in Spain launched a "gender jihad" campaign with the goal of "squaring Islam with feminism." The mission: "Not just combating 14 centuries of sexism in the Muslim world...but also dealing with the animosity to Islam of many western or secular feminists."

Seems it will be a very difficult fight on both fronts. One woman quoted in the story mentions being afraid of being murdered in the street for trying to "break the mould." But that's exactly why the fight should be fought. Stay strong, ladies!
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